Sunday, March 11, 2012

Freelancing: Full time or Part Time?

I have gone through a stage wherein every job I applied seem to either be a scam or my skills are just not enough. It's frustrating, but I persevered to finally get to land the two jobs. It's a great feeling to know I am working for something that will actually pay for the time and effort I've spent, plus the added bonus that I get to do it at home.

Now that I somehow was able to get the hang of it, I suddenly realized that I am still eager to land other jobs. While on break, I find myself browsing for other job openings not taking into consideration if I can actually commit to the tasks. The idea of seeing my application considered and receiving an email for an interview just appeals so much to me. It's just like a drug, I take as much as I want regardless if I'll be overdosed. True enough, I ended the day with 10 new job applications.

Then in the middle of my work, my son approached me and asked for something, I got irritated because of it. Then it hit me. Isn't it that the whole point of me doing work at home jobs is to have more time with my family, especially  my kids? This realization hit me to the core. I have been too occupied with what I will be earning with all the jobs I have that I failed to remember the very reason why I'm in it in the first place.

With my priorities back on track, I immediately withdrew my other applications. I've decided to just stick with the current ones I have. Opportunities to earn money will always be around, but my kids childhood will just pass by swiftly. And I wouldn't want to miss any single moment of it.

We all have different set of goals. It's just up to us to know which to prioritize. Make a list. Fix our schedules.  Be passionate and grateful with the work at home job opportunities handed to us, and more importantly, be the loving and dedicated mothers our children deserve to have.

Have a happy work at home journey everyone!

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