Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Accelerated Motherhood

3 years ago I'm just a regular fresh college graduate ready to pursue my teaching career but it seems life has better plans for me. I fell in love and became a mother. To follow my family's advice or to follow my heart? This was the question boggling my mind. I tried to do what they want,: be a single mom and raise my kid alone. They were happy, I was not. 

So after trying so hard to please them and yet feeling miserable, I decided to go for what my heart desires and that is to be with the man I love. 

It was a difficult start. Lots of people betting we'll end up divorced. But I guess if you really do what you want and just simply follow your heart, you'll never go wrong. 

And now I'm happily married with 3 (3rd child 7months as of today) lovely kids produced! I may not have followed the life plan my family had set for me but I've never felt happier. I've learned to try a different industry (call center) and enjoyed working in the corporate world for 3 years. But being a mother really changes things. 

Motherhood opened my eyes to what's really important. I realized having a high paycheck can't compare to the joy of being able to witness the milestones my children make each day. I feel guilty for i haven't been as present and as available as I could with my 2 kids and I won't make the same mistake twice.

So now that i'm 7 months on the family way with my 3rd child, I decided to be full time mom. Thanks to the many moms out there I've realized I could be a work at home mom to. We can indeed have the best of both worlds!

So expect to read more stories of my young mom adventures and i do hope to meet fellow moms (both young and young at heart) out there who share the same passion as I do. Let's exchange stories and ideas, be friend and realize that we're not alone in this roller coaster ride called motherhood! 

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