Monday, March 26, 2012

I admit since the time I got married, I really didn't pay much attention in updating my information with the government, more so the ID's involved. Had I done it earlier, I wouldn't have encountered some delays with getting my earnings from Odesk. But then again, that's all under the bridge now for I just requested my earnings to be withdrawn and I shall get it within this week!

I'm just thankful that RCBC allows one to open an account using a Barangay certificate and Police clearance. The opening requirement is also very affordable, with just P500 you can get your card (no name embossed) that same day! But if you do opt for one that has your name embossed on the card, you'll have to wait for a week. Now the only downside aside from the succeeding fees from Odesk everytime I'd do an LTF, would be the fee charged by RCBC which is P100. But then again, it doesn't matter. I'm just thankful they approved my application and besides I'll get my EON debit card soon.

I've also tried BPI. Well, I do have a payroll account with them, but it has zero balance. So if I would use it, I'll have to deposit P3000 for it's maintaining balance. It's too expensive considering the fact that I'll just use it to transfer funds from Odesk. BPI is also strict when it comes to their requirements, they don't accept secondary ID's. So I let it go. 

Lastly, I've applied for an EON Bank Debit Card online. Just register, choose from the list of branches that process one day application. Once completed you'll be given a reference number to present during your branch visit.  You just have to bring your annual fee payment of P350 and one valid ID and you're good to go, you'll get your EON Debit card in a single Branch visit! Now talk about convenience!

If you have existing bank accounts, of course, it's gonna be easier. But then for a newbie like me, it's all just part of the experience! Happy work week everyone! 

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