Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thoughts on Homeschooling

As mothers, it's natural for us to always want the best for our children. We always say we want to provide the best education for them. But what does it really mean? Traditional, progressive or homeschool?

My eldest will turn 4 by end of this month and my girl will turn 3 by May. The thought of where I'll send him for school has been on my mind for days. I've scouted schools in my area and I somehow managed to find a pre-school that has all that I'm looking for. I thought I've decided, but then I just can't seem to dismiss the idea of  homeschooling my children instead.

I've read a lot about it and it really feels like something I am called to do. I know about it's benefits and I'm well aware of possible obstacles I may encounter.

Informing my relatives about my plans of homeschooling my kids would be one of them. You see, I grew up in a clan of educators. From my grandmother to my aunts, and now, including me. Yes, I'm a high school Physics teacher by course and profession. It lasted for a short while though due to me entering the BPO industry.

I have not followed the path they have set for me by not continuing my profession as a teacher. So i'm pretty much sure that they'll be horrified if I even tell them about my plans. Not to sound rude, but then, what do I care? It's up to me, my husband and my kids to decide anyways. 

Traditional school is fine. But then you would always have to be good at everything and if you fall short of the expectations, you'll be tagged as a slow learner or simply stupid. I don't think it' s fair at all for we all have different sets of intelligence. And this is one of the reasons why I might pursue with homeschooling my angels. 

I would love for them to explore and learn at their own pace. No pressure. Just enjoying their childhood while honing their core intelligence. Their childhood years will past by swiftly and I's love to witness every moment of it! 

So will I go for HAP or CFA? These are the top 2 homeschool providers on my list. Hopefully God will guide me into choosing what is best for my kids. 

It's really just a matter of what my priorities are.  I still have time to decide but I'm not putting it to waste. Each day I browse for additional information and other blogs discussing the whole homeschool experience. 

Hope to hear your thoughts on this too! Don't hesitate to leave some comments. I would greatly apprciate it. 

Thanks and God bless!

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