Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Angels

I used to be all about myself but I've come to realize how motherhood changes all that. Gone are the days that all I worry about is how I look, how people think of me or any other petty thing. Being a mother makes me want to be a better version of me. I'm sure all mothers do. So let me share to you some pictures of my lovely angels: Dj and Denise.

Babies still. Just crying when in need of milk, change diaper, or simply wants to feel my warmth.
Now busy and active toddlers who loves running and jumping and just drains my energy!
Brother -Sister Love

Time flies indeed. I might have done something really good for me to deserve to have them in my life. I'm just grateful for the gift of motherhood and I intend not to take it for granted.

Have I mentioned I'm 7 months in the family way as of this writing? More blessings everyone!

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