Thursday, March 8, 2012

4 Simple Ways to Land A Job on Odesk

My 6 month long on-and-off relationship with Odesk finally came to an end. I landed my first job, yehey!

Hours spent checking on my pc to see if my application was approved or if I'm scheduled for an interview finally paid off. I know for some the process may have been shorter or some even longer,  but I know we all share the same feelings of relief and excitement upon landing our first gig.

So then, can one land a job or contract on Odesk? The process may seem overwhelming at first, but for newbies out there, let me share you the 4 simple steps I did that led to this sweet victory!

1. Complete your profile. Upload a professional and friendly picture of yours to give employers a glimpse of who they're going to hire. Fill out the necessary information about you that can help you land the job.

2. Create an impressive resume and portfolio. Seeing how good you look is nothing compared to the value of a well written resume and well thought of portfolio. Make sure your font is readable and be cautious of your spacing. Choose power words or great adjectives to highlight your skills. Don't forget to showcase work experiences that you think is necessary for the position you're applying for.

3. Take the free Odesk Test. Take as many as you can and ace it! Contractors who belong to the top 10-20% usually get hired faster than those who ranked lower.

4. Know niche market and start applying! Be confident on what you can offer to the employer and make sure your rate is reasonable and is at par to the services you can deliver.
You can also compare the rates of fellow contractors on your chosen field to help you determine your starting rate.

These steps are easy to follow and if your heart is really into freelancing, you won't even realize how long you've waited.

Above all just be patient, stay focused on your goal and don't forget to pray. Do all these and you'll be on the start of your freelancing career in no time! God bless everyone!


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