Thursday, March 8, 2012

5 Simple Reasons Why I Blog

Have you ever wondered why people are so into blogging nowadays? I bet you do. And it is with very same curiosity that I decided to start up my own blog.

I have always loved writing. I remember the good-old-days when I was in school and part of our school paper. It is where I found my niche plus the added benefit of being able to share my thought to the entire school. Then motherhood came. Time spent writing down my thoughts were lessened due to the responsibilities that came along. I almost thought I could never find time for it anymore, but thanks to the many wonderful bloggers out there, my passion for writing was ignited once more.

Despite time constraints and my seemingly endless wife-mom duties, I found time. I guess if you really want something, you'll do anything to achieve it. I'm still far from being one of the many experts in blogging, but I'm slowly learning the tricks, one day at a time.

And to keep me motivated, not that it's hard at all, I placed on a post-it the reasons why I blog:

1. To share my thoughts on life and it's surprises to as many people I can reach

2. To get insights and exchange ideas from readers worldwide

3. To improve my writing skills and to continue improving

4. To somehow earn revenue from it the future (fingers crossed)
and more importantly

5. To have a ME time for myself and keep my sanity strong and to have a moment to step back from my crazy-fun-filled  role as a mother and wife to my loved ones!

What's your reason for blogging? Would love to hear from you!

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