Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Freelancing Journey

I remember first learning about people who prefer to work at home. I was a call center professional back then, working on graveyard shifts.  And of course, this idea thrilled me! Why wouldn't I when working from home means having to spend more time with my kids and husband. It's just what I've been searching for and I ought to start right away. And I did.

I looked online for articles and tips on how to start my freelancing career and it was very overwhelming, that I found myself getting headaches from trying to absorb all the tips from the various blogs I've read. My excitement was easily replaced by boredom and pessimism. I eventually found myself settling for my 8-9 hour job as an agent. Less hassle, I thought.

But every now and then, when I get the chance to have a moment for myself and analyze my current life situation, the idea of trying it out once again creeps in. And so I gave it another try and this time I'm  determined to remain patient and stick to it until I get the results I wanted.

Great things await those who know how to wait. So true. After a 6 months of my on and off struggle with freelancing, I finally landed a job.

This very day marks the start of my first freelance job. Wish me luck!

I'd love to share more details but for now, I'll keep silent for I wouldn't want to jinx it!

More details on my freelancing journey on my next posts! God bless!

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