Monday, July 9, 2012

Homeschooling Independently

I would really love to homeschool my children but I decided to wait for just one more year and besides my eldest has just turned four. So for now, I am teaching them at home. I'm just teaching them the basics like letters and phonetics, numbers, shapes, and most importantly  a love for learning and reading.

Early this June I tried to come up with a lesson plan and a schedule, but it seemed too rigid. So I opted to take a break and just follow their pace and interest. I just look for ideas on blogs like confessionsofahomeschooler, notimeforflascards and amomwithalessonplan. So for now, we're having art classes every now and then, we listen to Leap frog's Letter Factory for letter sounds, we also do Magic English and fun thinkers to widen their vocabulary and develop their thinking skill.  And of course, we don't forget reading books even for just 15 minutes a day.

I'm also planning to purchase  Sing Spell Read and Write Kit and Early Birds Singapore Math textbook and Workbook.

I also learned about The Master's Academy, a Christian homeschool provider in the Philippines. I'm planning to attend their orientation to learn more and maybe to help me in deciding which homeschool provider I'll enroll my kids next year.

I still have 10 months to decide on whether to homeschool my kids or not. In my heart, I want to but I'm not so sure if I have the patience to actually do it. I'm lifting all my hopes and prayers to the Lord, so that he'll enlighten me on which direction I should take.  For the meantime, I'll just enjoy homeschooling them independently at home and when the time comes, I know God will surely give the answer that my heart is longing for.

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